How to "ANALYZE" the Differences of 2 Versions of PDF or CAD Files - [PACK-1A3i]

In this video, the "Analyze" feature of the "COMPARE" tool of PACK-1A3i is explained.
You will learn:
- What is "analyze"
- WHY "analyze" the differences between 2 versions of 2 PDF files
- HOW to "analyze" the 2 files
00:00 Introduction
00:18 How to launch "COMPARE" for two PDF files
00:39 First Comparison by "OVERLAY"
01:29 Second Comparison by "INTELLIGENT COMPARISON"
01:58 "ANALYZE" of the differences
02:40 How to change "PARAMETERS"
03:09 How to navigate between differences
03:24 All the other "PARAMETERS"
04:05 "NAVIGATION" buttons
05:01 How to take a "PHOTO"
05:11 How to put in "TRASH"