COMPARE bitmap files containing 2D Drawings

When a design office entrusts the manufacture to another company, it transmits the drawings of the part to be manufactured. However, the design office does not necessarily provide CAD files but only 2D exports in bitmap format (BMP but also PNG, TIFF, JPEG etc.). Thus, the manufacturing workshop has the bare minimum to manufacture the part.

If the design office changes its plans, the manufacturing workshop receives a new version of the bitmap drawings: it is necessary to compare the 2 versions of bitmap files to know precisely what has been modified. This task is often long, tedious and generating forgetfulness, sometimes heavy with consequences...

Why do you receive bitmap files?

The first reason

It is often impossible to have the same design environment as your client so it sends you bitmap files that can be easily edited.

The second reason

Your customer does not want to transmit his know-how to you, so he sends you a very simplified version of his digital model in the form of bitmap files. It is a form even more degraded than PDF files or CAD files which are vector files sometimes structured.

The third reason

The bitmap files contain all the necessary and sufficient information to carry out the work that your client requests.

How to compare bitmap files?

Most often you print on a laser printer the 2 files to compare and, with a color marker, you circle the differences you see on the sheets of paper.

It is an operation, long, sometimes even very long, tedious and without added value, but yet necessary and dispensable, because often in the contract you signed with your client it is the digital model that is the proof.

Contribution of the software "COMPARE" for bitmap file comparison

To help you, 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software compares the 2D drawings of bitmap files (BMP but also PNG, TIFF, JPEG etc.). It is able to compare drawing parts, even if they have been rotated, or moved on the page or on another page. You can ignore differences or, on the contrary, validate and comment on them: the difference report will be automatically generated by 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software.

Image: 1A3i_Intelligent_Comparison.avif

The comparison of bitmap files (BMP but also PNG, TIFF, JPEG etc.) with 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software is fast and exhaustive: not only do you save time but you also gain reliability.

Bitmaps files processed by the "COMPARE" software

Bitmap files are processed by the Professional Edition of the "COMPARE" software.

Bitmaps files are divided into two classes:

All these formats are processed by the "COMPARE" software.

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Comparison is also possible with other file types: