How to "COMPARE" to 2 PDF or CAD Files - [PACK-1A3i]

Quick video to show how to use "COMPARE" a PACK-1A3i tool.
With "COMPARE" you can compare 2 versions of PDF files with graphical information. But also SVG, EMF, IGES, STEP, HPGL, DXF, DWG etc.
With “COMPARE”, it’s very easy:
- You select the 2 versions of the files to compare
- If necessary you "synchronize" the pages of the 2 files, if the order is different for example
- A first comparison by "superposition" is done
- Afterwards, if necessary, you can use "Intelligent Comparison" to identify graphic information in translation, rotation or with a change in the scalling
- With "Analyze" you can determine whether a difference is significant or not, by taking a "photo" or by putting the difference in a trachea.
- With photos, a report is produced with Word, Powerpoint or PDF
00:00 Introduction
00:16 How to launch "COMPARE"
01:44 How to select the 2 files
02:56 How to Change the project's name
04:17 The file to "COMPARE"
05:26 How "SYNCHRONIZE" the 2 files
07:08 First Comparison by "OVERLAY"
10:09 How to do "ANALYZE"
12:05 How to do "REPORT"