Comparison of 2 PDF files, or 2 CAO files or 2 Bitmap files : The "Intelligent Comparison"

This video shows the important role of "INTELLIGENT COMPARISON" when comparing 2 PDF files or other files (Bitmap files or CAO files) in the software "COMPARE" of 1A3i.

"Intelligent Comparison" is one of the 3 methods for comparing two PDF, Bitmap or CAD files. The 3 methods are:
- “Comparison by Superpositionn”.
- The “Comparison by Reference Points”.
- The “Intelligent Comparison”.

The video sumary :
- The result of the "Overlay Comparison", with many elements differing because they have been moved between the two versions of the files.
- How to select all items for "Intelligent Comparison"
- How to launch “Intelligent Comparison”
- The result after "Intelligent Comparison": all elements in translation but also in rotation or scaling are analyzed as identical elements

00:00 Introduction
00:14 Best fonctionnalities of "COMPARE" tool
00:25 "COMPARE" tool of PACK-1A3i
00:32 New projet with 2 pdf files to compare
00:36 Ressult of the comparison by overlay
00:49 Differences and similarities of the two PDF
01:07 View of the differences of the two PDF
01:37 Result of the "INTELLIGENT COMPARISON"
01:49 Best fonctionnalities of "COMPARE"